Hair Aid is...

The Hair Aid story began in 2010 when founder and CEO, Selina Tomasich, was holidaying in the Philippines when she met two nuns living in Manila.  Starting up a conversation, Selina heard about the work the Sisters did with children abandoned on the streets of Manila whose parents were too poor to feed them. .The Sisters explained that children who were found abandoned on the streets were taken to a secure safe location where the children's physical, spiritual and medical needs were looked after.  Once the children were safe, the Sisters' goal was to reunited them with their parents, who were usually living on the street, or in a slum. Most parents had abandoned their children because they had no income and could not buy food to feed them. 


The Sisters' mission was to teach the parents a skill they could turn into a job. Inspired by what she'd heard in Manila, Selina, on return to Australia, put her previous experience with sewing and organisational skills to use. Selina, an Academic at the University of the Sunshine Coast at the time, gathered a few students, two seamstresses and an array of donated machines and returned to Manila..  On this trip, the team taught seventeen people how to sew in two weeks. 


She returned the following year with even more volunteers.  When she asked what other skills would be useful, the locals responded, "Hair cutting".  Back home in Australia, she gathered volunteer hairdressers to join her next trip. The response for hair cutting training grew and in 2013 Selina founded Hair Aid, and registered it as a not for profit in Australia. 


Hair Aid has now grown and is established worldwide.  From these humble beginnings, Hair Aid now has seven international projects a year, and  20+ hairdressers at a time come on each project.

Hair Aid does...

Hair Aid Community Cuts (HACCS):


Hair Aid recruits and coordinates volunteer hairdressers to work with organizations in their local community.  Our teams work with community groups, charities, government organizations and/or church groups that support homeless, domestic violence sufferers, migrants or those just in suffering at a time of crisis.  Our teams provide free haircuts, for 2–3 hours every six weeks at their local Hair Aid Community Cuts event.

As the flagship location for Hair Aid in the US, Salon Halcyon has partnered with Attention Homes in Boulder, Colorado to serve children and young people between the ages of 12 - 24 years old.


An international reach...

International projects:


Hair Aid’s first mission is to recruit and send volunteer hairdressers, from all around the world, to overseas locations to provide free hair cutting training for people living in critical poverty.

Our teams work directly with people living on the street, or slum communities, or with ladies rescued from the sex trade and prostitution gangs.

Our volunteer hairdressers teach our five day hair cutting course, that gives the skill to cut five basic haircuts. This skill can then be used to start a micro business and create an income to support themselves and their family.

A global effort...

Hair Aid Global Cut-A-Thon:


Join with us and make history! The Annual Hair Aid Global Cut-A-Thon will be held in all communities, towns and cities around the world on Sunday 29 March 2020.

Halcyon will be providing food, beverage, raffles and boutique shopping along with deeply discounted hair cut services.  All cuts are done on dry hair and finished with a light style.  Walk-ins are welcome, but pre-booking is strongly recommended.  Payment is due at the time of booking.  All proceeds fund future Hair Aid works.

Can't make it?  Sponsor a kit for a future graduate!

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