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Hair Aid's international projects are where volunteer hairdressers, nail technicians and other passionate volunteers (like you!) join in teaching slum and street people in developing countries how to cut hair and do manicures and pedicures.


These people are living in critical poverty and have no access to skill training, nor any money to do training even if they were able to. 

Hair Aid has developed a five-day training plan that trained more than 5,000 people with great success! Each project is five days long and runs Monday to Friday.  ​

Once this skill is learned the people Hair Aid has trained can go on and create their own micro-business, immediately earning money to support themselves and their families. Hair Aid gifts each of our trainee's scissor kits and/or a manicure kit (depending on which skill they learned) so they can begin earning money straight away with the skills they’ve been taught. 

Manila is Hair Aid's biggest project.

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