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Hair Aid sends teams of volunteer hairdressers to work with local organizations that support those in their own communities that need a hand.

Hair Aid works with community groups, charities, government organizations and churches that support homeless, domestic violence sufferers, migrants or those just in suffering at a time of crisis.

Volunteers turn up every eight weeks for 2 -3 hours and offer free haircuts, providing dignity and respect for those in need.

To do this, Hair Aid is always seeking passionate and caring hairdressers who are willing, able and ready to lend a hand!

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We currently partner with TGTHR (formerly Attention Homes).

Homelessness is not just a lack of shelter. It’s the absence of a home — a place where somebody feels safe, comfortable, secure, and valued. Ending youth homelessness requires all young people to have a place to live, employment, access to education, wellness, and a supportive community. That’s what TGTHR has been delivering for 55 years.

The movement to end youth homelessness begins with understanding its causes. A lot of people think they know them: things like mental health issues, substance use, and poor life choices. In fact, they’re often symptoms, caused by economic instability or abuse at home. Imagine having to handle day-to-day stresses while living outside with little or no support. Now picture yourself empowering somebody who’s experienced all that to build their path forward.
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